In 2015, RPS began operating Blackdoor Studios, a complete production facility that utilizes the best of Ross equipment and workflows, as seen in our mobile units. Currently, RPS operates two studios which are located in Florida and Connecticut.

With our studios, RPS has the resources to tap into the best pool of directors, creatives, and technical crew. Our team has everything required to create and deliver high quality content from locations across the globe. We also have the capability of doing remote productions using these facilities.


Our studios include two green-screen facilities paired with Ross ACID Cameras, which are designed for maximum HD performance in any studio production environment. The cameras offer Ross UltrachromeHR, a high-performance multi-channel chroma keying system that uses cutting-edge technology to create full resolution chroma outputs. This combination provides best-in-class resolution, sensitivity, and signal to noise ratio for chroma key applications.

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