Graphics & Animation

Graphics & Animation

XPression Project Design

RPS’s integrated graphics workflow is built on the industry-standard XPression real-time motion graphics platform, providing creativity and efficiency for designers and operators alike.

RPS currently employs full-time XPression Broadcast Managers to create, integrate, and improve graphics packages for every production done. This ensures a high level of consistency, customer service, and quality across all packages.

In addition, RPS provides the option to create fully integrated scorebug graphics in our packages for clients seeking new insert looks and custom DataLinq applications.

PIERO Sports Graphics Analysis

PIERO is an award-winning sports analysis tool from Ross which is used by the Ross Production Services team. PIERO’s systems use image recognition or encoded camera heads to overlay tactical graphics on sports content.

PIERO brings new angles to every game, on the screen and in the studio, with visually engaging and informative effects.

PIERO Live 1st & 10 Integration

PIERO Live is a studio graphics system from Ross built on an industry-leading sports graphics and analysis engine. The system offers a broadcast-quality Down & Distance (1st & 10) solution for American Football which supports field crowning, lens distortion and adjustable keying.

The solution works with both optical and mechanical camera tracking and offers an operator workflow that has been engineered for maximum flexibility and simplicity. Graphics including feather, lines, play clock, 3rd down fill, field goal target line and red zone are easily user-customized and can be tied to existing scoreboard data feeds. Adding graphics for virtual advertising is as simple as importing logo files.

Voyager Augmented Reality and Virtual Set

Do you want to enhance your next broadcast with augmented reality (AR) or virtual set (VS)? RPS can provide these services for you using the Ross Voyager graphics platform, powered by the Unreal 4 Engine. With Voyager, RPS can create stunning, complex virtual environments designed for use in broadcast television, built with flexibility and speed in mind.

Superior Graphics Capabilities
The Unreal 4 gaming engine utilizes advanced graphics features like particles, dynamic textures, real-time reflections, and more. With its extensive graphics feature set, our designers can achieve realistic looks with greater accuracy and ease than ever before.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Voyager uses the Unreal 4 Gaming Engine by Epic Games, the leading gaming engine in the industry with thousands of developers worldwide.

Shaders and Animations
Unreal 4 allows the use of shaders to create realistic looking effects, including dynamic shadows, live-lights and light blooms, to reflections and refractions. The engine also offers an unparalleled level of animation capabilities.

Inception Social Media Integration

Ross Inception is a social media management solution that enables the integration of social content into on-air graphics presentations. With Inception Social, RPS can curate social media content for use in productions, import text and image content from social media into graphics playout, manage moderation and approval of content from social media channels, and prompt user engagement via social media polling.

Unified Social Media and Web Management
Inception Social can connect workflows for a growing number of social and web platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and WordPress.

Increase Audience Engagement
RPS can improve engagement by seamlessly feeding social content to on-screen graphics using broadcast graphics solutions like Ross XPression.

Custom Curation
Looking for a certain type of content? We can create keyword, hashtag or geolocation searches to search for for specific posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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