Production Cloud

Production Cloud

Ross Production Services is pleased to offer a new Remote Production Solution. It includes a combination of physical devices in our control room that can all be controlled remotely and also integrates broadcast-quality remote transport.

This innovative solution delivers outstanding performance at a low and predictable latency with superior reliability and broadcast-quality video. There are no trade-offs to delay, resolution and stutter. Our solution showcases the best from Ross and utilizes equipment in the control room that technicians will be comfortable and familiar with.

Broadcast Meets Social

The Remote Production Solution allows you to easily integrate social media posts to the Ross XPression graphics system using our Inception social media management platform.

Remote Feeds and Monitoring

Transport of MVs is stable and high quality – our managed network solution provides a hybrid error recovery approach that dynamically adjusts according to the network conditions.

Production Comms and Talent IFBS

Core production staff can operate from their homes, view multiviewers via the cloud, and communicate via physical or virtual ClearCom panels. The minimal delay allows for talent to carry on a normal conversation as if they were in the same room.

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