Ross Mobile Productions Becomes Ross Production Services

Ottawa, Canada, June 30th 2020 – Ross Video is pleased to announce that Ross Mobile Productions, the company’s in-house production and rental services division, has changed its name to Ross Production Services.

The rebrand reflects the expansion of the division’s workload and the increasingly diverse nature of the projects being worked on. Stephan Repass, General Manager of Ross Production Services, reflects on the growth enjoyed by his team over the last seven years. “We’ve really expanded since 2013 when our previous company was acquired by Ross Video, and the acquisition was an excellent springboard for growth. The team is bigger, we have more equipment and can manage even more complex productions than ever before. We launched our seventh production vehicle earlier this year and are already in the process of building our eighth – that’s a clear reflection of the hard work put in by everyone on the team and our relentless focus on customer service.”

Of course, things have not always been smooth sailing for the crew, and the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown caused everyone a few sleepless nights. “We had a very full schedule of events right up until the beginning of lockdown, but then all live sports stopped, and our business went off a cliff overnight,” Repass notes. “Fortunately, the whole Ross business was in a very positive financial situation, so we used the time wisely to spring clean, learn some news skills and get ourselves ready for the inevitable restart. With sports beginning to come back online now, the business is returning and we’re absolutely ready to go!”

Speaking of a return to action, Ross Production Services is teaming up with the NBA to produce over seven weeks of WNBA games in Palmetto, Florida, starting July 24th. They will also be producing three full weeks of World Team Tennis at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia from July 12th, as well as working with a brand-new sport league called Athletes Unlimited to produce thirty softball games over the course of five weeks, starting in August. “There’s no doubt that we’ve been through a tough and very sobering period,” says Stephen Repass, “but we’re glad to be coming back and bringing some top action to sports fans everywhere.”